Chiba Quartet Norway Tour Sept 2012

by Jeremy on September 13, 2012

Frognerparken practice session – Oslo, Norway

Played some gigs in Norway last week with my Chiba Quartet. Since studying there on exchange in 2006 its been great to visit and rekindle some old relationships with friends, not to mention get a taste of the local cuisine that you can’t seem to find anywhere else – liverpostei (tinned patee) and brunost (a sweet brown cheese made from goats milk).

As I had been doing for the past few weeks around continental Europe, I hired a tourist bike and took to the streets to get my bearings and get to the first rehearsal. Many thanks to my mate Leif Bond who kindly offered a place to stay for a few days. Leif had been doing night shifts at the local women’s drug rehab centre and so was happy for me to stay there while he was at work. He also filled me in on the local drug culture, the turnover rate of women in the centre and the risks of working there. Most of the time he just sleeps in the front office in case of an emergency (which were usually false alarms). On the night of the Oslo gig however, he had to leave before the music even started to help his colleague who had been cut by a stray syringe!

The following day I rode to the music school to fit in some practice but diverted to the nearby Frognerparker – Oslo’s famous sculpture garden. It served as a much prettier practice space and I could practise my newly learnt Balkan melodies under the bridge – NO SIGN OF TROLLS. Had the chance to hear some music as part of Oslo Kulturnatt (Culture night) Festival. It was an amazing showcase of music, from avant garde, electronica, world music, classical, and all for free too!!! I heard Oslo Philharmonic perform Luciano Berio’s Sinfonia and Swedish composer Rolf Wallin’s Manyworlds with 3d Video. The Berio was particularly good – its amazing how modern a piece that was written in the 60’s can sound.

We took the train to Trondheim for a concert on the Sunday and played in Oslo on the Monday. Hoping to get the band over to Australia for a tour in the next year or so.

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